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0000314Messenger Promiscpublic02 Mar 17 01:5311 Oct 18 20:00
MacOS X10.11.6
0000314: Unable to selest a signature in v 2.73.5
When Accessing the menu option 'Message - Choose signature' the latter is greyed out & there's no sub-menu. Move the pointer back to the menu bar to the next header (Format or Tools) then back to Message and the 'Choose signature' option is now darkened but clicking on it still does nothing except close the menu.

For most identities there are up to 7 signatures defined to choose from.
Start editing a new message, mail or news. Select 'Message' from menu bar.
This may be related to issue 0000291, that I finally put it down to wetware error but can't recall the details. I must have sorted out but...?
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Resolved in Messenger Pro 2.73.6