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0000302Messenger Promiscpublic31 Dec 14 17:5203 Mar 15 12:47
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PlatformWhat?OSWindowsOS VersionXP Home
Summary0000302: Address book pane problems
DescriptionMP V2.72.0.3902 4.8.6 XP Home (32-bit)

When the address book is opened from a mail-write
window it opened first looking like screenshot 1
(on a 1024x600 netbook).

When the window was dragged to the full width of
the screen I got (screenshot 2). The 'portholes'
have remained their fixed size and the buttons in
the middle column have stretched; usability is not

Even with an address-book structure that's only a
liitle bit nested, there's soon no easy way to
see enough in the LH pane to discriminate between
similar addresses. For example I have

 - Your Contacts
    + Local businesses, council etc

When that's expanded:

 - Your Contacts
   - Local businesses, council etc
     Edin City Council - council tax
     Edin City Council - lighting
     Edin City Council - recycling
     Edin City Council - social care

But as you can see from screenshot 3, I can't easily
tell the City Council contacts apart. This gets much
worse for entries that are more deepily nested.

Of course the view in the LH pane can be scrolled from
side to side, as the bottom scrollbar shows. But the
window didn't first (with this new release) open with
a scrollbar showing that possibility; instead I had to
drag the column widths in the column headers well apart
to get scrollability. Surely the dialog could set the
column widths wide enough for their contents?

Something similar happens when you open the address book
from the all-groups display; this time I see that the
overall window remembers its size from when it was last
closed, but the LH column is always far narrower than
the available space; it doesn't remember what it was last
dragged open to.

Even on my restricted depth netbook display, it would be
far easier to use the address-book picker dialog if the
panes were above & below each other rather than spread
across the screen. I realise there'd need to be another
way to implement the add/remove functionality, but the
thing would be so much easier to use. Or maybe you could
abandon the rh pane and use colour to show what's chosen
or not on the lh pane - a bit like you do on eg a groups
display when one's choosing where to copy a message to?
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JNicoll (reporter)
31 Dec 14 18:03

Possibly part of the display problem is that
(since MP 2.68.5 which I'd been using before)
the font used to display address-book entries
has changed; I think it's using one I've set
for something else (text display?) whereas
before something smaller was in use.

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