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0000303Messenger Promiscpublic31 Dec 14 18:1707 Mar 15 03:38
Assigned Tomark 
PlatformWindowsOSXPOS VersionHome
Summary0000303: No data in some transfer logs
DescriptionMP V2.72.0.3902 4.8.6 XP Home (32-bit)

I have individual log datasets per account,
and logging is turned on for them all. But
nothing is written to the log for my current
'mail send' account. Even if the fact that
traffic is encrypted prevents logging of what
is being sent, surely the log could contain
details of when connection attempts are made,
and possibly the negotiation & termination of
each connection?
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mark (administrator)
04 Mar 15 15:09

You should indeed see connection attempts being made. Is this just because logs aren't being flushed due to [^] ?
JNicoll (reporter)
07 Mar 15 00:35

I don't know if it's the flushing problem, but I tend to think not. I've known for a while that if I want to look at a log file (in a text editor, say) when MP is running, it's sensible to do View -> Transfer Logs -> that log, to force a flush, and then normally I'd make a copy of the now uptodate external file and open that in an editor.

But when I View -> Transfer Logs - this log from within MP, I never see anything. So unless flushing has stopped there too, it's a more fundamental fault.

The account is defined as:

  port: 465
ticked: encrypt communication...
notick: allow encryption to be negotiated...
ticked: I need to login (& obviously there's a userid & password)
ticked: make this the default send account
notick: don't allow it to send/receive
ticked: log all communication

This is a server with fastmail, at: [^] I use one of their pricier offerings, but it may be that if you set up a trial account you could mimic the problem, if it comes to that. They describe their servers at: [^] and you can signup for a trial at: [^]
JNicoll (reporter)
07 Mar 15 03:38

Hell's teeth... I just tried the View - Transfer Logs thing again, and DID see log content... so maybe this is the flushing problem after all.

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