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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00003141   miscminornew11 Oct 18Unable to selest a signature in v 2.73.5
  0000315    miscmajornew11 Mar 17Importing rmail files results in corrupt messages
  0000313 1 misccrashnew02 Feb 16Unexplained Crash
  00003113   miscminorconfirmed (mark)03 Dec 15Looping group-repair process
  0000312    miscfeaturenew05 Oct 15When un/subscribing to a mailing list, default ID is used rather than subscribed ID
  00003093   miscminorassigned (mark)17 Apr 15Are log datasets being flushed properly?
  00003014   miscminorassigned (mark)14 Apr 15MP takes AGES to start-up
  00003033   miscminorassigned (mark)07 Mar 15No data in some transfer logs
  00002951   miscfeatureacknowledged07 Mar 15To be able to select 'All' for filter creation option 'When opening groups'
  00002992   miscmajorassigned (mark)04 Mar 15Selecting new News post from group hierarchy toolbar uses incorrect send address
  000029071 miscminorresolved (mark)03 Mar 15Unable to decrypt PGP(GPG) email MPro 2.70.0
  000030213 miscminoracknowledged03 Mar 15Address book pane problems
  0000300    miscminoracknowledged03 Mar 15Opening Inbox to read new mail expands 'Local folder' tree
  0000298    miscmajoracknowledged03 Mar 15Installing on Ubuntu Trusty gives warning that package is of bad quality
  0000310    miscminoracknowledged03 Mar 15Problems with UIDLs files
  0000308    miscminoracknowledged03 Mar 15Clicking 'Stop' in Transfer Status window does an abrupt stop
  0000307    miscminoracknowledged03 Mar 15Filename error when attachments dragged out
  0000306    miscminoracknowledged03 Mar 15GUI oddity in filter handling
  0000305    miscminoracknowledged03 Mar 15GUI oddity when editing a message
  0000304    miscminoracknowledged03 Mar 15Files & folders left in %TEMP%
  0000271102 miscmajoracknowledged03 Mar 15Loops (98% CPU) when I click Tools -> Newsgroup Subscriptions...
  00002884   miscminorfeedback (mark)22 Dec 14Bayes file grow in size even though Bayes filtering is turned off
   0000297    miscfeatureacknowledged (mark)01 Jun 14Feature request for setting PGP/GPG signing/encryption on a per identity basis
  00002961   misccrashresolved (mark)01 Jun 14Export of message selection from inbox causes MPro to exit
  0000294    miscminoracknowledged11 Dec 13Prompt to download images doesn't appear if message opened in its own window
  0000293    miscminoracknowledged11 Dec 13MPro uses default rather than configured ID when more than one attachment
  0000292    miscminoracknowledged11 Dec 13Search results can be invisible
  00002911   miscminoracknowledged11 Dec 13Unable to select a signature in v 2.71.1
  000028941 misccrashresolved (mark)12 Oct 13Creating a mailing list causes MPro 2.71 to exit
  00002874   miscminorfeedback08 Oct 13Unable to select alternate signatures as default in Identities
  0000286    miscminorconfirmed11 Jan 13Group hierarchy viewer allows edits on the counts column
  0000284    miscminoracknowledged23 Dec 12Problem with filtering encoded headers
  0000285    misccrashacknowledged23 Dec 12Messenger crashes if I leave a draft open with an attachment
  000025721 miscminoracknowledged21 Dec 12Auto-selection of next item rarely works when deleting items one by one in a threaded display
  00002831   miscfeatureconfirmed07 Dec 12To have a 'Select All' button on Group Toolbar.
  00002493   miscminorfeedback19 Aug 12Filtering 'AddHeader' action does not work
  000016954 misccrashacknowledged07 Aug 12Dumped on 'undelete'
  00002721   miscfeatureconfirmed22 Jul 12To be able to specify a default sender for individual address book entries
  0000280    miscminoracknowledged22 Jul 12Moving the pointer rapidly between tool bar buttons interrupts redraw.
  0000278    miscminoracknowledged23 Jun 12Messenger Pro unable to cope with URLs formatted over > 2 lines, orphaned quotes.
  0000275    miscminoracknowledged23 Jun 12Literal "£" (ukp) signs in messages vanish in source-view/edit
  0000273    miscfeatureacknowledged23 Jun 12Feature: could you make the 'Thread Counts' column sortable?
  00002662   miscminorfeedback11 Mar 12Key strokes to replace View > Advanced Options > File In > browse for folder
  00002631   miscminorconfirmed11 Mar 12Cannot complete spellcheck through keystroke
  0000264    miscminorconfirmed11 Mar 12Flag/Unflag inconsistent on multi-selecte mesages
  00002651   miscminorconfirmed11 Mar 12Auto-filing of mailing list and newsgroup messages
  0000247    miscmajorconfirmed11 Mar 12One can no longer select all contents of multiple unexpanded threads
  0000268    miscfeatureacknowledged04 Mar 12Give group 'send defaults' a new "To:" attribute
  0000267    miscfeatureacknowledged04 Mar 12Edit can't display tab chars or search&replace them
  00002591   miscfeatureconfirmed28 Feb 12Extra columns in filter manager
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